What is the BEST Dog Training Technique

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What the best dog training technique is can be a slippery slope depending on whom you talk to.  There are staunch opinions on all sides.  In this video I break the styles of dog training into 3 basic categories:

  • Operant Conditioning Dog Training

  • Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

  • Negative Reinforcement Dog Training

In order to understand which method of dog training is best for your dog, you must first understand the terminology, and I address that in this video.  I like to break the methods down into simple language you can understand.  What is the difference between operant conditioning and positive dog training?  What is luring and shaping?  What is compulsion training?  and What is balanced training?

The most important thing I want to get through to any client and any dog I train is, “What is the best dog training method for THAT DOG!”

Some dogs don’t respond to treat training and some don’t respond to corrections – but the bottom line is that ALL dogs respond to some kind of training.  Over the last 10+ years I’ve seen thousands of dogs in our nations shelters, often days more dogs than other trainers will see in a month or a year.  I’ve helped save, retrain and understand these dogs that were often times given up on by other trainers.

It is my intention to help people better understand their dogs and to give them the best life possible.

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