Break Away Collars and Martingale Safety Dog Collars

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I’ve talked about break away collars and how important they are for the safety of your dog.  Leaving any collar on your dog is a recipe for trouble.  Dogs can hang themselves on something or strangulate one another if playing with another dog.  Break away collars are designed to keep your dog safe in the event their collar gets hooked on something or if they become tangled with another dog.

If a dog jumps, their collar can get hooked on something as simple as the edge of a chain link fence.  Playing with another dog can get a jaw caught inside another dog’s collar and this can cause strangulation.  Remember, dog collars are designed to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of a dog pulling against them.  A collar that gets hooked on something will not break, and that can be fatal to dogs.  Read online the horror stories of dogs that were strangulated wearing collars. Break away collars are the safest way to leave a collar on your dog.

Don’t leave collars on dogs when they’re unattended.  But if you must, consider using break away collars.  There is a new type of break away collar that I found made by a company called Let There Be Collars –  it’s a breakaway martingale collar.   It’s hard to understand how it works, so I made this video below to show you.

Please watch and share this video.

For the safety of your dog, please listen to my advice.  I’ve gotten personal emails from people who’s beloved dogs fell victim to strangulation by collar.

 Using a break away collar could have saved that dogs life.

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