Teach Your Puppy Everything

Puppy Training – Teach Your Puppy Everything

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Puppy Training:

Puppy Training means teaching your puppy everything!  Or at least as much as possible!  Although this is a good goal, it probably will never be reached by anyone.  The next best thing will be to teach your puppy as much as possible.  In this video I  show you a complete training routine from beginning to end.

When I first start working with a new puppy or dog, I try to shape as many behaviors as I possibly can.  So people always ask me; “What does your puppy training routine look like?” In this video, for the first time ever, I show a complete routine the way I do it from start to finish and everything in between.  What I do, how I do it and how long it takes.  Puppy training is always inspirational, always short and always fun for both me and my puppy.  If you can mimic this training routine with your puppy, you’ll have a strong basis to grow your puppy from and develop a great relationship with your puppy.

Using Food to Train:

I use lots of food rewards to lure and shape the training with dogs and puppies.  I will later add in corrections and much more structure, but here its about getting the puppy to move, learn and enjoy the game of learning.  The training routine begins by getting the puppy to engage to me.  Then I lure him to follow me and listen to me.  In order to do this I keep the training light and fun with minimal corrections and structure.  As I said before – that will come in due time.

Whether you are training a new puppy, your current dog, or a rescue dog – this training routine will work for you.  Watch the video, get some of your dogs favorite treats and make a date with your puppy or dog and start having fun with your new puppy training routine.

For more puppy training videos visit my youtube channel by clicking here!


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