E-Collar Course – Safe & Correct Guide

The electric collar, also known as e-collar or sometimes referred to as a “SHOCK” collar is one of the most misunderstood tools in dog training. It is also, quite often mis-used. In this course I want to introduce you to my methodology of e-collar training and stress to you the importance of using the tool properly. Used correctly, the e-collar is the most humane and effective training tool available.

I’ve used e-collars for more than 10 years and successfully helped countless dogs. Using the ecollar gives you the ability to remove the correction from you (in your dog’s eyes) and also allows you to correct the dog at great distances, giving you maximum control over your dog and enhancing your dog’s freedom and therefore your relationship with your dog.

Please pay particular attention to the first lessons to understand the most important aspect of the e-collar – conditioning your dog and finding your dog’s levels. I’d strongly suggest going through the Leash Training Course to give you some foundations.

Courses are built using existing members only lessons. The purpose of a course is to highlight which lessons to start off with – to get you on the right track, build fundamentals and not be overwhelmed when seeing over a hundred lessons.

Marking the lessons complete in this course will NOT mark the lessons complete in their individual formats.

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Lesson Includes

  • 11 Video Lessons