Everything Puppies Course – The Essentials

Puppies can be one of the most frustrating experiences you’ll ever deal with. BUT, by the time the problems are solved, and the dog is older, you’ll wish they were puppies again. If you follow the simple steps in this course, it will make understating your puppy a little easier and a bit more bearable.

The video lessons in this course consist of many lessons that I’ve posted before about puppies that you will find throughout the site, whether that is training them, understanding issues and more. Watch these lessons before you get your puppy or once you get your puppy but take your time and be patient with your puppy. How you structure your relationship with your puppy will mean everything when it comes to your puppy maturing into a dog. Master the puppy and you master the dog!

It’s important to start puppies off on the right foot so that they grow into good dogs. Puppies left to their own devices will, almost always, end up being problematic dogs. This also holds true for puppies that are not trained, disciplined or given structure.

Training puppies is actually a lot easier than people think. It just takes time and patience. So, you got yourself into this, let me help you get through.

Watch the lessons in the grid below. Take your time. Don’t rush. You should be training your puppy for no more than 10 minutes at a time and repeat that training 3 times a day, just before meals.

Courses are built using existing Member Lessons to have the most important information in one area. These lessons are available individually throughout the site as well. Marking the lessons complete in this course will NOT mark the lessons complete in their individual formats.

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