Loose Leash Training – Course

I think that one of the most common things that dog owners struggle with is leash walking their dogs. It’s one of the more common issues I was called to help with in private practice and one of the biggest hurdles that kept shelter dogs from getting adopted. The leash can be considered the biggest conflict between dog and human. It is after all what confines the dog and removes all of his or her freedom.

Getting your dog to understand the basics of leash walking will open up your dog’s world and your relationship with your dog. In this course I will show you how to start with a long line and progressively bring your dog closer and closer to walking next to you. The idea is not to correct the dog that is next to you, but instead praise the dog when he gets there. I correct the dog for being at a distance and make being close to me the reward.

In this course I also want you to see some of the best tools to help you if you are struggling with behaviors and those will include some collars that might make your communication with your dog much easier. This course will be even more effective if you’ve worked through the Mastering the Basics Course.

Courses are built using existing members only lessons. The purpose of a course is to highlight which lessons to start off with – to get you on the right track, build fundamentals and not be overwhelmed when seeing over a hundred lessons. Marking the lessons complete in this course will NOT mark the lessons complete in their individual formats.

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Lesson Includes

  • 4 Video Lessons