Mastering The Basics – Course

I designed this course using some of the my previous lessons to give you a jump start into the basics you’ll want to address in your dog training. In my private work, as well as the work I did in shelters, I always believe that your dog should have some basic foundations. In fact, I believe any dog that we consider “trained” should know the basics of:

  • COME
  • STAY
  • And the basics of SIT, DOWN and STAND.

These are the foundations of your dog being trained by you and paying attention to you. Once you have these down, and it’s not necessarily an easy task, you can consider your dog “trained.” From here it’s up to you where you want to go!

Courses are built using existing members only lessons. The purpose of a course is to highlight which lessons to start off with – to get you on the right track, build fundamentals and not be overwhelmed when seeing over a hundred lessons. Marking the lessons complete in this course will NOT mark the lessons complete in their individual formats.

Keywords for this Course

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Lesson Includes

  • 9 Video Lessons