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This course was created to bring the most important lessons offered on the website that all NEW MEMBERS should take. These lessons are available individually throughout the site as well. Marking the lessons complete in this course will NOT mark the lessons complete in their individual formats.

So… you wanna get off to a running start?

Well, let me help you to get started on the right foot, or should I say, the right paw!

The lessons below will guide you to understand my method of training, my theory and the basic language I use to train dogs. Completing these lessons will give you a good handle on understanding all of the weekly lessons.

Take your time, training your dog is something you will do over his or her lifetime. Just because there’s a new lesson added, doesn’t mean you need to complete it with your dog. You may work on one lesson for a few weeks. Train your dog the way your dog best understands. Don’t over-push your dog. Take your time – have fun!

AND, most importantly, make sure your dog has fun!


The membership content is updated three times a week.

  • Wednesdays with a new lesson
  • Tuesdays and Fridays with a new Member AMA video

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Lesson Includes

  • 6 Video Lessons