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Crate Train Your DOG the Easy Way

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One of the VERY most important things you will ever do for your dog or puppy is crate training.  It is a benefit to dogs as puppies for house breaking but will be an immense help later in life if you travel or ever have to take your dog to the vet (which is bound to happen).  Crate training teaches your dog to be comfortable and feel safe in his special space.

Crate training should be one of the very first behaviors you teach a new dog to your home, whether that dog is a puppy or an adult dog.  Using crate training as a positive experience makes the dog feel comfortable and protects him from getting into trouble.  The crate should not be used as a punishment as this sets a negative precedent in the dog’s mind about the crate.  His crate is his special place.

In the video below I break crate training down into very simple lessons:

  • Getting Your Dog into his Crate
  • Getting Him to Enjoy His Crate
  • When to Close the Door
  • Releasing Him from the Crate …. and much more.

This crate training video should give you every detail you need to understand how important crate training is for your dog.  I suggest to each of my clients that they crate train their dog.  If your dog should ever end up at the vet, they will be placed into a kennel or crate.  If you have made it a positive experience then the dog will not be upset at the vet.  If you travel, your dog should be in a car crate if at all possible –  teach him crate training at home and he will understand that the crate is a safe and fun place.  At a hotel, I highly suggest you crate your dog so that the maid doesn’t accidentally let your dog out – a fate that could cost him his life.

The work you put into your dog will equal the benefits of an amazing life-long relationship with him or her.  Please, if you think crate training is a negative experience for your dog, watch this video and see how Jimi loves his crate because great things always happen in his crate including treats, love and big time rewards.

If you don’t watch many other videos, this is one of the ones that will be most beneficial for your dog.

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