Dog Aggression and Positive Only Training – “the pitfalls”

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Dog aggression is serious in nature and understanding it takes someone with an immense amount of experience.  One thing that upsets me is dog trainers with little experience talking about using positive only training to deal with dog aggression.  That dog aggression can be against people, dogs or even other animals.  The key thing is to understand that dog aggression is feral and primal in nature.  It stems from a defensive drive and the threat to the dog can be real or perceived.

In this video I discuss this topic at length.  The lecture is from a lecture at Bound Angels University filmed at the West LA Shelter in Los Angeles.  Understanding dog aggression and the pitfalls of using positive only training to counter it costs countless dogs their lives every year.  I’ve seen these dogs, I’ve helped these dogs.

It is important to understand that I am not saying dogs should be hit or punished, I am saying that dogs need to be corrected for bad behavior so that they will understand that correct behavior brings rewards.  I believe in rewarding dogs for the right behavior, but I also believe that getting to that behavior might mean a correction.  When dealing with dog aggression, handling the dog fairly and correctly will help remedy the problem.  Waiting it out ONLY MAKES IT WORSE!

Watch this video and please share the message that to be fair to a dog, we might need to give corrections.  Corrections are information that help make the dog perfect.  Letting the dog figure it out is failing the dog.  I have other posts that deal with the difference between Punishment and Corrections over at the Bound Angels YouTube Channel.  To understand this makes it easy to understand that corrections might be the best friend to a dog!

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