Dog Training Products

These are products I use & recommend.

Herm Sprenger Prong Collars: The reason I prefer these collars is because of the way they are made and their quality. The edges are polished, so they won’t harm your dog’s skin. buy here

Herm Sprenger Fur Saver: This is my go to, daily use collar for most of my dogs. These collars are well made, in Germany and I’ve used them for years. I trust them and believe in them. buy here

long line for dog training

Long Line: I use a 15′ / 5 meter line for almost all basic training. You can make your own or just buy one of these. buy here

E-Collar Technologies: These are very easy to use collars that are packed with tons of features for most anyone from pet owners to professional trainers. I like the 900 model. buy here


Garmin Delta Sport XC: I use this collar on my dogs and like the quality of the collar, the transmitter and the ability to change the prongs. This version also has a built in bark limiter, although I don’t use it, I use a separate bark limiter listed below. buy here

GoGo Pet Martingale collar

GoGo Pet Martingale Collar: I don’t think there is that big of a difference between the various martingale collars, but I’ve been using these for a while, so I recommend them. buy here

ABC Klin Tug Toy

ABC Klin Linen Tugs: I’ve been using Klin tug toys for some time. They last a long time (provided you don’t leave them with your dog unattended) and are machine washable. My favorite tugs. buy here