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Everything Puppies Course – The Essentials

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Mastering The Basics – Course

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Loose Leash Training – Course

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E-Collar Course – Definitive Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions – Training

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With over 100 lessons and more being added every week, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. We took some of Robert’s most important individual lessons from above and packaged them into a few courses to help members get started. Please take your time and start with these courses first and then feel free to venture off and discover new and more advanced lessons. More courses coming this week.

If you completed some of these lessons before, they will not show complete in the courses below. You can easily mark them as complete if you recognize the lesson.

Issue for some existing members

If the "My Lessons" tab has over 100 lessons - please request a LESSON RESET so you can start tracking lesson completions going forward. Email [email protected]