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My Daily Training Routine with Goofy

I constantly get asked to make videos about my daily training routine.  So, I set out to do that today with Goofy.  We packed up and went to our favorite park.  There’s an obedience trial coming up next month that Janet entered us into.  I really planned on having Goofy retired, but Janet thinks Goofy would like to do a couple more trials, so I said “What the heck!”

All I really want to work on with Goofy is tightening up his obedience.  Janet was off to the side with Duane and Jimi, so I took Goofy out and went to work…  mainly heeling, signals and drop on recall.

In this video, you’ll see everything from the minute I bring Goofy onto the field, till the minute we are done, nothing edited out.  IN FACT, you will be very surprised to see the “distraction” we got near the end.  As much as I hate off leash dogs, they are the GREATEST distraction to your dog while you’re training.

This is obviously a more advanced training with an advanced dog, so PLEASE don’t put your dog into a situation that would cause him to fail, or get hurt, or hurt another dog.  But you will see that patience and consistency in training will pay big dividends for both you and your dog.

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