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This is primarily a lecture series on effective and fair dog training. What works, what doesn’t, and the best approach to take when training most any dog.

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What's Included In This Course:

These lessons are some of my favorites in my members only area. They incorporate the following:

  1. Introduction to my Methods: Getting an understanding to my approach will help you better understand the method and why it works so well. I’ve used these techniques on thousands of dogs, and they work… and they will work for you!
  2. Why we start our Training Relationship with Food: I Believe that every training approach begins with the ultimate reward and that is food. Making food the source of reward ties into a dog’s natural survival drive, they work… they eat! This doesn’t mean treats for everything for life, it means a fair way to begin training and start our relationship.
  3. What is Structure: Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions I am asked, so i thought I’d put the answer down for everyone to understand. The answer might surprise you… but it won’t surprise your dog.  Dogs thrive on structure, it makes them feel safe. And, a safe dog is a happy dog!
  4. 3 Mistakes Dog Trainers Make: YES, there are three very common mistakes that almost every dog trainer makes. These mistakes don’t mean that they are bad trainers, it simply means that it confuses their dogs to see clearly what is being taught. Understanding these mistakes will help you paint a very clear picture to your dog!
  5. What is Positive Training: If you’ve done any research on dog training, you’ve heard the term positive training. So, just what is positive training and is it right for you? Is there something better and what does that mean to the relationship between you and your dog?
  6. Foundations to Dog Training – Schedule: Getting your dog and you onto a schedule can help some people to better implement training. Much like a good workout routine for fitness, a fair and well structured schedule may help many people be more successful in their training.
  7. Words, Commands and Intonation: The words we choose and how we speak them means everything in our relationship with our dogs. More importantly is understanding “how” our dogs interpret and understand what we are saying.
  8. How to use Marker Words: Marker words are the “key words” we use to tell the dog what we want, accept and don’t accept. There are negative markers and reward markers. The concept makes communicating with your dog much simpler than you can imagine.
  9. Corrections (Proper Timing and Use): It’s impossible to train a dog without corrections, but just what is a correction and when and how should we apply them? Are corrections hard on dogs? How do dogs learn from corrections? All covered in this lecture!

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