Why Retractable Flexi Leashes are Dangerous

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You will see people everywhere using those retractable flexi leashes.  They are ever so popular because they give dogs more freedom, and who wouldn’t want that?  A free dog is a happy dog, right?  Wrong!

These flexi leashes are extremely dangerous for dogs and people. BUT, I’ll start by saying I own a few and recommend them for trainers who can use them properly.  They are a great tool for teaching dogs things like send aways, recalls, retrieves and more.  But for the common dog owner who will just let their dogs meander, any retractable leash is a terrible idea. I spell it out in the video below.

One of the most important things that people do when their dog is far away from them, like when they are on a flexi leash is NOT PAY ATTENTION.  Then when there’s a problem, they can’t remember how to get the dog back and they start pulling on the cord.  There have been severe injuries by pulling the dog in by the cord, severe!  Just do a quick google search.  And, if you think you’re above it, I will tell you that you’re wrong!

Another common issue is small dogs that are running ahead of you on a flexi leash are very likely to entice a high prey drive dog to chase them.  VERY DANGEROUS.

Flexi leashes are also very likely to be snapped out of your hand when you’re least paying attention, then the sound of the plastic banging around on the ground, can spook your dog into thinking they are being chased.  This alone can scare a dog into running and not returning to their handler.

If you want to use a flexi retractable leash, do so to train your dog, but don’t use a flexi leash to walk your dog on a daily walk.  Watch this video and share it with your friends who also love dogs.  Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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