Teach Your Dog Leave It

Teach Your Dog LEAVE IT

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One of the most important things to teach your dog is what we call YUK, FOOEY or LEAVE IT. This command is at the root of protecting your dog. It’s crucial that your dog lets you make decisions on what he is allowed to touch and what he or she MUST leave! Getting your dog to leave it when you say so can save your dog’s life.

To properly teach a leave it, its best taught to a puppy early on so that it can be taught as a game. We start by setting the dog / puppy up and getting the dog to leave it while wearing a leash or training line. We NEVER want the dog to fail and GET what we are asking them to LEAVE.

In the video below I address teaching our puppy Duane how to Leave It in a very fair way. Duane has not been taught this before, where Goofy and Maya do know the command. I thought it would be best to show you the demonstration with a dog that is actually learning the skill as we go.

Teaching Our Puppy to LEAVE IT

I urge you to spend the time to teach your dog this command. Its no matter how old they are. Its one of the most important commands dogs learn. Eventually they will try to go near or pick something up that could be dangerous for them.

Remember keep training short and fun and watch your dog for cut-off signals especially when training younger dogs or new dogs. Enjoy the dog you got and don’t expect more from the dog than the dog is capable of. You are your dogs only voice and advocate!

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