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This is so funny, as I am now in the process of launching my Robert Cabral site as a wordpress site and getting all of my thoughts together, I just noticed this blog post, which I never posted.  It was written 3 years ago and as you can tell, I haven’t changed.  So here’s the original post and I will be continuing to post here instead of my other sites.  This blog will contain my dog training, animal rights and personal views.


Seeing as this is my birthday I thought I’d start my personal blog today.

After countless nudges from friends and even those people that I don’t like I thought it was time to put my views out there and see what the world thinks.  I’m sure some will agree with my twisted view of the world, politics, animal issues, people issues and more.  Even those that don’t agree 100 % are sure to get a kick out of my opinions and I can guarantee you that more than a few of the people who will be astounded at what I say, will agree with me somewhere deep down inside of their core.

This blog will be filled with the notions that rumble in my head on a daily basis; the ideas that fill my head and keep me awake at night thinking I can change the world or thinking that perhaps my thoughts can.

My opinions have entertained some, shocked others, appalled a few but the one common thread has remained, and that is that there is always some element of cold-hard truth that resonates within my words.

Stay posted as this could get really interesting…

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