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Training a Distracted Dog

Let’s face it, no matter how well your dog knows his commands at home, when distractions arise, you have to be able to get your dog back into check.  In fact, THIS is where so much training falls apart.  If you can’t get your dog’s attention, you’ll never be able to move past your back yard.

In this lesson, follow along with Will and Red.  Red is a great dog that Will recently adopted.  He told me that Red’s training is perfect at home, but once the leash and collar go on and they’re outside, he loses focus.  He’s been training with some of my videos and a clicker, but is unable to progress in a more distracted environment.  So I asked him to meet me at the park by my house where there are plenty of distractions… as you’ll see.

In this session we work past getting Red’s focus and getting him clearly to check in with us.  This lesson involves the use of corrections and rewards very fairly and you’ll see the transformation in this very first session.  There are other parts to the lesson that I’ll post at another time, but getting this far with Red was a huge step and Will was ecstatic.

This lesson will help those of you who always look for direction and information on the proper use of corrections in training.  In fact the corrections and the Red’s transformation through the use of clear communication is worth all the marbles!

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