Pet Birds the Best Worst Pet – Podcast Episode 60

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Pet birds are a tortuous experience. I discuss this in today’s podcast. Parrots, to parakeets, conures, any bird that people keep as pets are miserable and I talk about it in this podcast. I had a pet bird, actually a couple over the years. My aunt bred birds and regretted it till the day she died.

Parrots are an amazing animal that has a spectacular life in the wild, but domesticating them means taking their greatest freedom away. We clip their wings, cage and confine them and then wonder why they are miserable. They scream and bite and people don’t understand. I talk about the life of my bird Ryu and how sad I felt for her almost every day I looked at her.

Please listen to this podcast if you’re thinking about getting a pet bird. You know my thing is dogs, but I care about all animals and love to help out people who have a sense of caring.

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