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Robert Cabral with his dogs.
As a young boy two things fascinated Robert and would ultimately shape his future: Martial Arts and Photography. Just shy of his 10th birthday, Robert took his first martial art class at a recreation center in New Jersey. This training would continue formally when his family moved to Florida where Robert trained in traditional Okinawan karate — eventually receiving his black belt.

Robert’s passion for martial arts soon went beyond the physical training, he also became involved in studying the spiritual, religious and philosophical aspects of the arts. As he continued his studies and practice, he also began teaching and mentoring others, eventually Robert would receive senior master’s credentials “Shihan” in both traditional karate and Okinawan weapons “Kobudo” including a 7th degree black belt.

His reputation as an expert in martial arts as well as being a skilled communicator, led him to a career as a bodyguard. Robert was soon being recruited for security assignments by numerous dignitaries as well as celebrities.

in 1984 he left Florida and relocated to Los Angeles to continue his work in personal security where he handled security assignments for various high profile clients as well as entertainment industry professionals. While Robert found himself in demand, he realized that he wanted to do something that would allow him to give back. He decided to teach the traditional martial arts which had transformed his life and he opened his first Dojo (a school for training martial arts) in Switzerland and then in Little Tokyo (downtown L.A.). Shortly thereafter Robert would bring martial arts to the Sports Club LA, managing and implementing martial arts for their exclusive health clubs nationwide. His own traditional school, Goh Ha Dojo, successfully ran from 1990-2000.

In the late 1990’s Robert’s second childhood passion came into play —photography. For the next 7 years Robert shifted his focus in this direction. It was during this time that Robert’s natural eye for beauty helped him capture stunning portraits. He initially began by taking pictures of friends which quickly led to a career as a beauty and glamour photographer as well as honing his skill as a photographer of music industry legends, landscapes and animals. His spectacular fine art exhibition of East Africa – Fragile Strength was a smash hit at The G2 Gallery in Venice, CA in the summer of 2017 raising thousands of dollars for elephant conservation.

Robert adopted his first dog in 2003, Silly, a Chinese Shar Pei. This act changed his life. “Suddenly everything seemed to make sense; I knew exactly that everything I had accomplished would work together – my martial arts training and my photography.”

Using the basic principles and techniques he developed as a martial arts instructor, Robert began using this knowledge in training dogs. His techniques are straight forward, but he evaluates each dog based on their specific behavior and characteristics and determines the correct approach in training them.

Robert’s love of dogs and his success as a master trainer made him realize that he wanted to focus his energy on making the world a better place for shelter dogs as well as dogs everywhere. His martial arts teaching, photographic skills and his innate ability to understand the essence of a dog’s wants and needs became the basis for his founding Bound Angels; a non-profit dedicated to saving abandoned dogs from potential destruction.

Bound Angels has helped shelters nationwide save thousands of dogs through their innovative media and educational campaigns by highlighting dogs at local shelters, humane societies, etc. Robert has successfully trained shelter employees, volunteers and management on how to better understand (and thereby save) countless dogs previously deemed un-adoptable and destined to death – an accomplishment achieved because Robert believes he has found his perfect place. “I’ve never felt more complete in anything I’ve previously done. I live each day to the fullest, loving what I do and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.”

Dog Training with Robert

Robert’s experience training dogs includes most every breed and temperament. He has instructed, trained and rehabilitated dogs from shelters nationwide giving them their only chance at adoption.

He has trained and titled competitive obedience, protection and sport dogs and trained loving family pets in his private dog training business in Malibu, California.

I refer him regularly as a trainer with amazing “dog” intuition and someone who can get the job done. But don’t be fooled, if there is work to be done by the owner, he doesn’t pull the punches. He is straight forward and honest and I trust him.
He is truly man’s man’s best friend. Thank you Robert for all you do and giving me hope for our canine friends.

Dr. Lisa Newell
Malibu Coast Animal Hospital

Thank you sincerely Robert for your training session and continued advice on Dora and Burton. It is hard to believe that after just one month of first meeting with you, the tremendous progress Dora and Burton have made. They are now able to play together outside like bulldogs should and are on their way to becoming great friends. In fact, they even played together in the house tonight while Burton was allowed time out of his crate. It is hard to believe that they literally were trying to attack each other instantly if even near one another other a month ago.

Carley Saelinger, VMD, DACVIM Cardiology

Thanks to Robert Cabral and his Black Belt dog training, our beautiful shelter dog has a chance of a new life with his forever home.
“Sparky” required immediate assessment and correction for aggressive fear behaviors, which were discovered by Robert upon his first visit to our home.
Saving one dog at a time is a blessing, especially since the dog saved is our beloved mutt. Without Robert’s intervention, we doubt that “Sparky” would have survived, so we cannot recommend Robert’s methods enough. Kudos to Robert.

Peter & Heather Higgins & Sparky
Malibu CA

No one ever did for an animal and for myself what he has done, he’s made me understand the why’s and the very nature of dogs. He is a stand alone act because he produces a level of skill & competence that is rare in any field. Because he has such a deep and spiritual understanding of animals, he gets results quickly. Robert has made training fun for me and for my Rosie and I now look forward to our training time together. Rosie is happier and safer today because Robert set us on the right path. I’m so grateful to Robert for opening up another world of pleasure for us.

Dolores Rivellino Walsh
The Godmother of Malibu, Inc

I can categorically recommend Robert Cabral as the best trainer of shelter animals I’ve had the privilege to work with. Robert has a unique understanding of canine behavior. His innovative and successful approach is one of the reason that our euthanasia has declined each and every year.Brenda Barnette GM, LA Animal Services
Robert is also known as “The Malibu Dog Trainer.”  Having lived and trained dogs here in Malibu for more than 15 years, Robert is referred by every local, veterinarian, groomer, pet store and dog lover!

Bound Angels

Robert’s work with Bound Angels saves thousands of lives each and every year. The educational campaigns help shelter management, staff & volunteers to better understand canine behavior and help those dogs that need it most.  Bound Angels  is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides life-saving resources to municipal shelters, humane societies, SPCA’s and rescues nationwide.  Please consider supporting the work of Bound Angels, by clicking here and making a tax deductible donation.  

Robert Cabral is the Author of Three Books

Mastering the Art of Success was written while Robert was teaching traditional martial arts. It focuses on the ideals of success and how to achieve them.

The book is a compilation of short chapters making it easily readable and very informative.

Topics include; dealing with stress, negotiations that apply to both personal and business situations as well as defining what it means to be successful.

Selling Used Dogs is based on Robert’s extensive experience in saving shelter dogs and the creative methods he used to successfully marketing them for adoption.

The book contains hands-on steps including how to make You Tube videos, photography tips, posting to Facebook and much more.

All of the methods in this book have proven successful in saving the lives of shelter dogs.

Desperate Dogs Determined Measures was written for one single reason. Someone commented to Robert, “If I had your skills, I would train and save dogs all day long.” This inspired Robert to write about the steps to his success in training, assessing and working with shelter dogs. The book is a no-nonsense guide to helping save the dogs at the greatest risk in our nation’s shelters. Many people consider it a “Bible” for those wishing to save more dogs from shelters.

Media & Press

Robert Cabral: A Spokesperson for Dogs Like No Other.

Robert Cabral is the best voice dogs could ask for. He is a dog’s best friend. Whether it’s health, behavior, safety, exercise, or rescuing them from our nation’s shelters, Robert Cabral is the authority on all things dog. He sees the issues that confront dogs from their perspective and is able to achieve remarkable results in training and rehabilitating even the toughest of dogs.

Robert is considered one of the top dog trainers.  His high-profile clients in Malibu, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and throughout LA keep him extremely busy when he’s not training and competing with his personal dogs in competitive sports including Schutzhund, Mondio Ring and AKC Obedience.

Robert is probably best known for his work with Bound Angels – a non-profit dedicated to saving thousands of dogs in our nation’s shelters.

Robert has been featured on TV Shows, newspapers, blogs, radio shows. Etc. –both locally and nationally– for his expertise on canine behavior, training and safety. He is a spokesperson for every dog: good or bad, young or old and just about every breed. He is the voice for the voiceless and the voice of reason for those who need his guidance.

Whether he is speaking to shelters, the media or addressing training groups on canine behavior, marketing dogs for adoption, solving the shelter dog crisis – one thing is very clear; Robert is passionate about his work and that passion shows in everything he does.

“You can’t save all the animals in the world, but you can save one!”