Real Testimonials

Richard H.

I have 2 Mal Husky mix dogs 18 months old. I regularly get complimented on how well they are behaved. I owe most of that to you and your lessons. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

  • Richard H.
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John M.

Robert, I owe you so much! I watched all of your free videos for over 6 months to prepare myself before getting a new puppy. Your videos are very valuable to me. That is why I became a member as soon as you made it available. My dog's obedience and my relationship with him are amazing thanks to you and your methods. Our local dog training center uses compulsion dog training only. I took my now 1.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog there just for practice in socialization and training with distractions, however I used only your methods. He has taken 1st place in both his Obedience 1 & 2 classes thanks to your methods.

  • John M.
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Mitch and Cindy

With the arrival of our new granddaughter, my wife finally accepted that our dog, Fenway, was oblivious to any commands and frustrating as a result. He just did whatever he wanted, for ten years. Barking was especially annoying while the baby was trying to sleep. Friends and family found him cute but aloof and often annoying. I offered, half joking but mostly serious, if she’d let me adopt him - a rescue of sorts. I would train him. When we first got him as a pup, I suggested we actually train him (like we had with our legendary GSD earlier) but she decided to treat him like a furry human baby instead — plus she thought my approach was too limiting and “he didn’t like it”. We agreed to disagree. ???? Fast forward ten years and I find Robert on youtube to help me rehab Fenway. Learning things like loving our older dog as special, creating structure and routine, not free feeding, using a long leash, having fun learning new tricks and how to actually listen, etc ... has all transformed Fenway! Last weekend, not one bark while the baby was asleep. Thank you, Robert, for helping us all find more happiness. Fenway is happy to be learning new things (he did initially rebel at his new way of life but turned a corner after a few days). And, he’s not at the other end of our frustration. My wife is happy that her dog and granddaughter are in sync. And I am happy to have taken my love for dogs and training and rescued our own dog with your help. Keep up the great work!

  • Mitch and Cindy
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Reggie W.

Hi, Robert you answered my question last week concerning the timid Malinois. Just wanted to say thank you. When I give him a job he does so much better. And its only been a week but it taught me that he doesn’t care for strangers invading his space. So now I know what we have to target. Again thank you.

  • Reggie W.
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Carlos R.

I submitted a question a couple weeks ago about not having time to train my Malinois puppy and how my siblings don’t help me out with the training even though it’s my puppy. Long story short, I listened to what you said and started training my malinois every day multiple times a day and she is a completely different dog. She absolutely loves training and spending time with me. Thank you for putting me in check, I am much happier and more importantly my pup is much happier and very obedient.

  • Carlos R.
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Jenifer H.

Enjoyed this video so much. So great to watch how you deal with distractions....One of the greatest things I’m learning from you is to not overreact to mistakes. And don’t be afraid to correct and move on. I’m becoming a more relaxed trainer because of this, and definitely more enjoyable for me and the dog. THANK YOU, Robert.

  • Jenifer H.
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Lisa J.

Tanner, Bernese Mountain, who feared crates from being shipped via the airlines as a puppy...is at this moment in his crate...comfortably! This has been a problem for over a year. It took about a month of working with him following your instructions to realize success. What you do is appreciated!

  • Lisa J.
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Charlotte P.

Dear Robert, I just wanted to let you know what a joy it is to view and follow your online lessons. It is so much fun to finally find a teacher with whose methods I can really agree. And finding this while my dog is still so young gives me so many great opportunities! Thanks a bunch!

  • Charlotte P.
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I purchased a 6 week old Pitbull. My wife and I and my three kids spoiled and coddled him. In retrospect WAY too much. Started showing aggression around three months. This whole time I had been using positive only training. After six months we had two nips and a bad bite. We tried to get rid of him but couldn’t because of COVID. I changed tactics. I found Robert on YouTube. Became a member. Been following Robert's methodology and in three months Lugh is the best dog ever. Robert saved Lugh's life.

  • Drock
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Karen C.

My dog and I have had much success with what we have learned from you and we will continue to build on our training using your methods. Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work!

  • Karen C.
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Robert, I would like to start by thanking you. In a world full of crazy and uncertainty, you are a constant. I have been certified behaviorist working with humans for 10 years. Your lessons, lectures, and a personal self-reflection, inspired me to transition professions to canines. I have started using your techniques because they are aligned with my ABA ideologies. I hope one day to speak with you and/or shake your hand. Continue to be awesome and look forward to future videos.

  • Roger
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Thank you for sharing your philosophy and your training tips.I have a head strong and incredibly smart Dutch shepherd pup, a potential candidate for our local search and rescue team. I've had her for about 2 months (she's 4 m.o. now) and your tips and Q&As have proven so helpful. Thank you!

  • Nina
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Dora G.

I just need to say thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. my now 7-month Shepard mix puppy is now able to handle being around a chihuahua and a kitten. Thank you for sharing videos with puppies other than your amazing dogs. We aspire for our puppies to grow up to be as amazing.

  • Dora G.
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Beth W.

I just wanted to let Robert, Janet and Alin know how beautifully done the new videos are. You are working hard and I love them so far. The intros are awesome and I absolutely love the lessons with client dogs. Goofy, Maya and Duane will always be fabulous to watch and learn from, but the client dogs really illustrate how green handlers and dogs learn and how to correct the mistakes I might be making. Thanks again.

  • Beth W.
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Nikia E.

Hi Robert, Thanks to your channel my 1.5 yo Samara has grown into a wonderful adventure companion. She was quite a handful as a puppy of Alaskan husky sled dog and West German GSD working line parents, but her resilient personality and drive have made her perfect for backpacking, ski mountaineering, mountain biking, & rafting together. I've only used a choke chain so far but will add in prong and e-collar work in the future for improved precision. Thank you for being our training textbook!

  • Nikia E.
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Angela W.

Many thanks for all you do! I fostered/trained 15 Guide Dogs (Dobermans and all but 1, who went to SAR, passed and were placed with a partner!) for Pilot Dogs,Inc. back in my younger days so I am not a novice but find every time I watch your videos (and I have over and over) I learn something new or you are doing the same thing I do which give me confidence and reassurance that I am doing it correctly or you help me tweak areas of weakness so thank you so much for loving this enough to devote your life to it!

  • Angela W.
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Barbara L.

I have an 11 month old German Shepherd who I have been training with your methods since I got him at 10 weeks old. I listen to your "ask me anything" these days and hear all the questions I have asked you over the months. While I have learned so much from you, of all the lessons you have taught me about dog training, the one that has helped me the most is your message of "Patience and Perseverance". In the last two weeks, after following your videos and practicing for 100's of hours everything has clicked for Maestro. It is a beautiful and rewarding thing to have a dog who is attentive and eager to do what I ask of him. Many thanks and keep up the good work. You are making the world a better place for dogs and owners.

  • Barbara L.
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Robert, thank you so much for answering my questions last week. Mando has shown a lot more responsiveness to luring without a word command. Thank you for the work you do!

  • Anthony
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Robert, I would like to thank you for the leash reactive video. It is just what I needed to see how to train my dog when reacting to other dogs.

  • Kenneth
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Cathe D.

I literally just want to cry. I have a beautiful 11 week old rottweiler. Feeling the deep responsibility of owning a large breed dog that has a reputation for aggression I went to a 40 yr+ trainer, spent $100's of dollars on a 2 hr consultation only to be warned about the potential horrors of my dog, and that if I didn't apply his techniques, I would be in big trouble. The techniques were high contact based, and at times felt cruel. Applying them, I feel that I have created some mistrust between me and my pup. It didn't feel right, but felt like I need to follow the "experts" advice. I found your video's and just teared up. It all makes so much sense. I wish I would have found them before. I am looking forward to applying your training techniques. Thank you!

  • Cathe D.
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Molly B.

Just had to message you a huge thanks, from me and my 7 month old Doberman. You have inspired me beyond what I can express in a short email, but we’ve since joined an IPO club here in England, and as a 21 year old female with a show line dog, I’M the odd one out, but loving it regardless! Thank you!

  • Molly B.
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Greg S.

I know you like to hear about great progress by the members who follow your training advice so I thought I would give you an update. We have had Enzo now for about a month and he is doing so great. I shared with you a while ago our the initial crate training and how well that went. Along with sit/stay, out, bring it, and other things we work on, the crate training it at whole new level for Enzo. He loves his crate ( Only Happy things happen in there :)). In fact he is chillin' out in there at the moment with the door open. I took your advice and have been slowly working the "crate" command from within 6 feet of the crate, which Enzo picked up very quickly, to now being outside on the deck a good distance away. Each day, moving just a foot farther away. At this point he can't see his crate and responds faster and has started to hurry back to his crate on command. Just wanted to share our (you included) success with Enzo. He is 6 months now and I always get compliments on how well behaved he is. Turns out obedience training, done the right way, builds a great relationship and a well behaved dog. Wink Wink. Loved it yesterday when my neighbor told me I got lucky and got a good dog. He has two and they run the house. All the best....keep up the great work and look forward to seeing you each week on the podcast.

  • Greg S.
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Tom H.

I asked a question this week regarding the heel command. I have a 4 month old golden retriever puppy and I was wandering if the heel command has a place in obedience trading, you answered it perfectly. So thank you. My neighbor just got a puppy and is concerned on how to train it, so I gave her your info. Thanks again for what you are teaching, it's totally worth the minimal monthly fee.

  • Tom H.
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Beth W.

We have been doing your videos on the light switch, around the clock, loose leash walking, scent detection part 1 & 2, out of sight stay and many more with our 5.5 month old male gsd. The member's section has been an excellent resource to help us through our covid lockdown. I can't thank you enough for all the time and work you have put into providing these videos. It has been so much fun watching Goofy, Maya, Duane and even Jimmy get in on the action. Also, thank Janet for all her hard work as well. You are a great team!

  • Beth W.
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Bernadette C.

I'm thrilled with the results of using your tips to get my Yorkie to respect me and follow directions. He is 2 and a half, a very responsive pet, but one who was spoiled to the point of being the boss of me. After three weeks of using corrections and rewards he started walking nicely on a lead, sitting and waiting for a command to go, sitting on a walk instead of charging to get close to every other dog on a walk, and generally just doing what I told him to. He is happier, and so am I! I love your training style, and it quickly corrected my boy’s impulsive behavior. I have already recommended you to other Yorkie parents, who find their adorable bundles of joy can sometimes be little terrors. I’ll continue to do that, and I’ll continue to follow you as I am so impressed with you and your way with dogs. Thank you for helping me teach my boy to be a good dog.

  • Bernadette C.
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Colin W.

Hi Robert,  Just a member vote of thanks here. Hendrix (Mal/Kelpie X, 19 months now) working on his positions from the table. All following from your training videos.

  • Colin W.
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I love your videos! They have helped shape Zoe my golden retriever to such a great dog. It’s funny I never realized how many opinions there are out there everyone has there ways of “training” I was so lost prior to getting her on who to listen to and what plan I would follow. Then I stumbled across your channel and told myself I’m not going to listen to anyone but these videos. Thanks so much!!!

  • Katpis
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Nicole B.

Hi Robert, I truly enjoy your Member only site. I have watched videos and listened to podcasts. I follow you on YouTube as well as social media. I trained my rescue Dutch Shepherd based on your teaching and training method. If only I would have known about you sooner to help my other dogs.

  • Nicole B.
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Ben B.

I enjoyed your membership very much and learned a lot from you! Thanks again for help, your podcast is a great listen and your lessons were invaluable to penny’s training she is a very well behaved Australia cattle dog. Best to you and yours during this challenging time.

  • Ben B.
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Lily C.

Hello Robert, I am one of your subscribed member and here’s a note of thank you. I believe you have seen some questions from myself and wanted to let you know that my Malinois mix Emma and I were preparing for our first dog show to show her in Rally this April in GA, but we’re hit here too so everything is postponed or canceled. We can’t go to the dog show now but we can work on more titles in town and got our CGC A title this week! I follow 98% of your training methods at home which makes my trainer that we go to in town very happy and an easy job for her, actually. So thank you again and best wishes to you, Janet, Bozman, Goofy, Maya, Jimi and Duane. Hope Goofy is doing well too! Thank you for changing others’ lives.

  • Lily C.
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Robert D.

Hello Robert, First off, thank you for the great advice a couple of months ago regarding my Keeshond puppy who was peeing/marking on his bedding on a daily basis. I removed the bedding for two months as per your recommendation and re-introduced it with totally positive results. No more marking…The habit was broken. Excellent advice. Also, followed your instructions and changed from a flat collar to a prong collar and had an immediate change in behavior on our structured walks. Now they are actually structured walks… Once again, great advice. Thank you so much for your amazing contribution to the dog world. It seems you are making a huge impact on pet owners as well. I share your love for animals/dogs and truly appreciate all the education you bring to further ensure that dogs are trained and treated properly by their owners.

  • Robert D.
  • Member

The site has been great and filled with wonderful and useful material. I have referred many folks to you as I think your one of the top experts out there providing such valuable information! Thank you for all that you do.

  • Teresa
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Timothy H.

Hi Robert, I would just like to say how fortunate I feel to have found you, on YouTube. I joined as a member shortly after. I am 57 just retired, no dog yet, coming soon. Perfect timing, your shared knowledge has greatly improved my confidence. Thank you.

  • Timothy H.
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David V.

Robert, I've reached out before and wanted to head to one of your training seminars, unfortunately with my training for a bout the timing wasn't right for me. Attached is a recognition from the people I work with sent to me via text, I don't have Facebook so I hope you can see them. I'm writing this to say thank you. Although I've never made it there but I follow your methods with my own and others that I help. I know it's not much but I've learned a lot through your channel and wanted to share my thanks with you.

  • David V.
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Eric M.

First off I must tell you I had a couple hours of free time yesterday and I watched a few of your videos. I believe if I refocus my training efforts slightly different and increase her cognitive reasoning skills she might just calm down. I am 100% P&T disabled combat veteran. I respect what I’ve seen in your attitude and approach so far thank you, please keep it up! I also would like to tell you I appreciate no bullshit real conversation and discussions about this truly amazing but slightly psycho Belgian Mals. I’m hoping to become an active part of your YouTube page I will post and videos of her in the next week or two. Can’t wait to become a member of your site

  • Eric M.
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Alan R.

Hi, Robert. I want to say your method of teaching is the groove that fits my needle. I understand and feel...exactly what you are saying. Your method is inspiring to me. I love the...I don't want to say cosmic approach...but your spiritual approach to training. That's why I joined. Last night when I tried to convey some of that I was unexpectedly stopped mid-sentence. Too many words. So I would try and make a point while being handcuffed by a sorely limited word count.  Hence, my frustration at the moment.  But anyway, that was last night and I try not to trip over things behind me.  I was just excited and wanted to express that to you.  No biggie. I am thrilled you contacted me. I look forward to training her exactly as you say because I know that will produce a happy well-balanced dog... and owner. Ha! Last year I had a heart attack and quadruple by-pass surgery and while in there they informed me I had colon cancer. I beat them both with no side effects so I'm just happy to be here and to be able to still enjoy life. Training that puppy will be good for my soul.

  • Alan R.
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John S.

Thank you for the great year! And thank you for your members area. The way you share your knowledge has helped me a great deal. Leeloo and I appreciate you so much!

  • John S.
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Kristen M.

Thank you so much. I have really valued the youtube and subscription videos. Though my husband mocks me for following "a youtube trainer"..the reason we didn't lose our puppy when she was 6 months is because of you. He thought he could take her off leash on random morning and she wouldn't run off. Well after I heard him yell out there in a way I knew wasn't good..I calmly stepped out the front door and called her back. She came directly to me alone. I showed him where to find you . I showed him the long line she had been working off day after day..but well you get the point. Thank you so much. Hope to not miss a single month. You are really great at educating people and been really important to bond between myself and my energetic Irish Setter Thank you sooo much. All my best !!

  • Kristen M.
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Israel S.

Hey!  I just wanted to send you a thank you note - I’m training up a Mal for SAR tracking and I would be completely lost without your experience and expertise in working with a high prey drive dog; as it stands we’re doing awesome. Thanks again!

  • Israel S.
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Shane S.

Robert, you have officially become a household name in our household... it’s comical at this point. If I tell the kids to train our Mal a specific way they’ll ask. “ is that how Robert said to do it?” In all seriousness my wife and I wanted to thank you so very much for your videos. I’ve pretty much watched all of your videos. You have provided my wife and I the courage, knowledge and comfort in knowing what to do. We certainly need much more guidance and will be a member for sure to get as much as we can out of your gift to the dog world. Seriously man, thank you! This whole adventure is just another way of bringing our family that much closer together. And through YouTube you’ve most definitely become a part of that process. I sure hope you get this. We really want you to know how much we appreciate everything you’re doing.

  • Shane S.
  • Youtube Subscriber
Chris A.

I wanted to personally thank you. I’ve seen nearly every video of yours on YouTube and I’ve put in effect your training style my German Shepherd and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you a lot it’s really helped me when working with other dogs. My girlfriend’s parents even request for me to train theirs.

  • Chris A.
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Greg S.

I want to thank you for imparting information on the prong collar.  It saved the life of my Jack Russell mix which was obtained from a local shelter.  He was extremely leash reactive and we were at a loss as to what to do until I happened upon your Youtube videos.  Thank you again.

  • Greg S.
  • Youtube Subscriber
Brigitta G.

Working with Robert Cabral has been a transforming experience!  He knew exactly how to provide just the right amount of information, reassurance, guidance, attention to detail, and patience to empower both my dog LilBu and I. With Robert’s guidance, extraordinary knowledge, and expertise I am now able to give LilBu the opportunities to grow and thrive that she so deserves and become the amazing family member she was meant to be. Thank you so much Robert for being such a skillful and remarkable resource!

  • Brigitta G.
  • Author
Savitha C.

Hi Robert, I'll want to start off saying the best thing to have happened to me (an overwhelmed) dog parent is to have stepped on your Youtube channel. It's been a game changer as to how we look at things and how we have been doing it. I'll shamelessly admit that we watched your training videos and seminars with the same level of interest as one watches Game of Thrones :). There are a few things we have been able to change but we need help to refine ourselves NOT the pup. We have a 10 month old Vizsla pup. We are first time dog owners and you have mentioned in your seminars/training videos and articles, we worked with couple of trainers/training companies and always saw the result for the immediate 1-2 weeks but we have never been able to get a handle on it. The follow-up sessions didn't help much. It more like just do this ... do that... rather than reason out/break it down as to why it happens and how we can address it. We truly wish we lived around your office or at least in California but we live in Massachusetts.

  • Savitha C.
  • Youtube Subscriber
Pamela B.

I just watched your interview on Cameron's summit!!!! You had me at hello, ????I'm a beginner; my boy is an American Bulldog weighing in at about 105lbs, he's almost a year and a half.  We do prong and E-collar and it makes all the difference. If it wasn't for you and others in your field I would not be able to experience dog ownership the way it was meant to be. God bless and again, THANKS

  • Pamela B.
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Evin & Robert W.

Dear Robert, We want to start off by thanking you for all of the guidance and support you've given us during our journey with Enzo. We are very pleased to report that all of the effort we have been putting in over these last 8 months to work through Enzo's reactive behavior toward other dogs is finally paying off in spades. While Enzo does still show interest in other dogs, his reactions are much more respectful and healthy, compared to him being extremely amped up, raising hackles, pulling, barking, etc. We have seen almost NONE of the latter mentioned behavior for about three weeks now. I know that these spectacular results are in large part due to the many tools you have shared with us. Enzo is perhaps the most amazing dog we have ever had the pleasure of having in our lives – – he loves people, is incredible with children and now is showing respect for other dogs as his maturity develops. We are proud to bring him everywhere with us and feel so beyond fortunate to have him in our life. We are so excited to see what the future holds for all of us and will be sure to keep you in the loop. We hope you are happy and healthy and that we have the pleasure of seeing you sometime in the future.

  • Evin & Robert W.
  • Member
Hope B.

Hi Robert, Know I was supposed to email you next week with an update but had to tell you that just this morning my husband went to leave for work we said goodbye at the front door and I followed him out but guess who stayed in a sit in his square??! OLLIE! Seriously?! I am amazed! And my 17 year old daughter said "I'm REALLY liking that lead thing" after a hassle free arrival of a group of her friends. Corrections were involved but there was not the hysteria that normally has gone along with people arriving at the house. Thank you Robert! Will update you again. Cheers! Hope

  • Hope B.
  • Member
Mimi & Morris G.

Morris and I would like to thank you very much for your time today in educating us on how to be better parents to our beloved toy Maltese, Charlie. Your guidance and input in an hour session has given us proper knowledge and confidence to undo three years of misguided parenting. Your common sense philosophy and no nonsense approach is easy to follow and put into practice. We already see a huge improvement in Charlie's behavior. He obeys our commands and does not bark excessively and is a much calmer and happier boy. We look forward to future sessions with you. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and to get to know you. Many thanks. Morris & Mimi G.

  • Mimi & Morris G.
  • Member
Bart S.

Hi Mr. Cabral! Thank you so much for all your expert advice on dog training. I'm now having tons of success when I train because I started using your methods. You'll never know how grateful I am! I have so much more fun with the dogs because of you. Your videos are awesome; you are awesome! Thanks!!

  • Bart S.
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Amie J.

Just a thank you. I have been using your videos and advice to train my Belgian Malinois. With your help and resources in the Members section has helped me to have an amazing relationship with my dog. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your expertise with dogs with the world!

  • Amie J.
  • Member
Gregory S.

Hi Robert, Just signed up for your members section and wanted to say thank you on day 1.  My 12 week old shepherd / husky is relaxing in his crate with the door open as I write this thanks to you. I just picked him up today and did a short "look" training session and then a couple hours later the crate session. (Treats from Heaven minute 6)   Did the crate training session exactly as you instructed and viola, off to a good start.  Lots of patience and work ahead but off to an amazing start.  Thanks for your website and sharing your knowledge. All the best...

  • Gregory S.
  • Member
Shannon H.

Hi Robert! I am just contacting you to submit a testimonial. Thank you so much for what are you doing with the website and bound Angels. You have helped me so much with my GSD puppy Kaia, I am so grateful.

  • Shannon H.
  • Member
Reggie C.

Robert. Thanks, just thanks Been a member for a while now and it has paid great dividends.  My 1 yr corso and I have benefited greatly from your wisdom.  I just started letting my 4 yr old son help with the training and my son loves it. Many times I was overwhelmed with “problems” with my dog,  but your answers helped me through it. It just works, it is hard and takes time, but works. I now realize that being fair and consistent is key. Like you say, structure structure structure is key. I guess this statement is more for members, work the process and you will he rewarded.

  • Reggie C.
  • Member
Jarinda M.

Dear Robert, I am a member of yours and currently have done practically all your videos with my German Shepard who is 1.5 years old.  Your videos have helped and we are still working on them. I have had many different trainers and honestly none have been as good as you.  So thank you for all your help.

  • Jarinda M.
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Susan S.

Hi Robert! It’s 3 weeks since we spoke so thought I’d give you an update!  Re my 2 male Vizslas that fight. I got a couple of good take-aways from you, the major one being to prioritize my older guy, give him everything first.  I immediately got the younger one lying on the sidewalk beside my SUV (although at first I hung onto the leash just in case!) while I load the older one into his kennel (the kennels are side by side in the back).  Surprisingly, he did this right away without arguing!  In fact yesterday my husband commented on how much calmer he is about loading up  (I guess I got used to it slowly).  He used to sit and SHAKE beside the car before he got loaded (I’d been loading him first as I told you, I’d mistakenly thought that giving him what he wanted might help).  He also used to bark & lunge inside his kennel at the other dog quite often, and he hasn’t done that recently either.  All good! They had one tiff right after I talked to you, next day I think.  Luckily the young one was in his basket muzzle and at my feet, so I lifted him right off, then made a point of making him lie down while the older dog & I sat together near him until everyone, including me, relaxed.  I think that might have sent a good message to both of them that I supported the older guy, as well as ending it ‘relaxed’. Since then I haven’t had a fight, although I still watch them or separate them or have young guy in muzzle when I want to be together but can’t watch. I plan to book a neutering too!  I actually only see an upside to neutering.  I can give you a report 6 months after on whether it helped or not!  It might be useful information ‘for the files’. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to relax my guard eventually, but at least now I have my path to go forward on and that helps – so thank you for helping me! By the way I listened in to your Aggression livestream on Sunday!  And yes I could hear you, of course it varied a lot - funny how the internet is overloaded these days.  You sure get a lot of funny off-topic questions! ????  My takeaway was your metaphor of the friend who starts bar fights - that is my young dog!  I’ve got to remember that I’m the one who’s the boss!  When you’re feeling worn down, that tends to slip. Sorry this is long, I know you’re busy but I just wanted to let you know how it has gone.  And to thank you very much for helping me.  I often felt at my wit’s end about the situation, so getting help in being put onto a course that works for us is very much appreciated!!

  • Susan S.
  • Member
Jerry A.

Hi Robert, I'm your number one fan of your dog training videos.

  • Jerry A.
  • Explosive Detection Canine Handler
Dr, Lisa Newell

I refer him (Robert) regularly as a trainer with amazing "dog" intuition and someone who can get the job done. He is straight forward and honest and I trust him. He is truly man's man's best friend. Thank you Robert for all you do and giving me hope for our canine friends.

  • Dr, Lisa Newell
  • Malibu Coast Animal Hospital
Dolores R.

No one ever did for an animal and for myself what Robert has done, he's made me understand the why's and the very nature of dogs. Robert produces a level of skill & competence that is rare in any field. He has such a deep and spiritual understanding of animals, he gets results quickly. Rose is happier and safer today because Robert set us on the right path. I'm so grateful to Robert for opening up another world of understanding for us.

  • Dolores R.
  • The Godmother of Malibu, Inc
Peter & Heather H. & Sparky

Thanks to Robert our beautiful shelter dog has a chance at a new life with his forever home. "Sparky" required immediate assessment and correction for aggressive fear behaviors, which were discovers by Robert upon his first visit to our home. Without Robert's intervention, we doubt that Sparky would have survived, so we cannot recommend Robert's methods enough. Kudos to Robert.

  • Peter & Heather H. & Sparky
  • Malibu CA
Carley S.

Thank you sincerely Robert for your training session and continued advice. It is hard to believe the tremendous progress Dora and Burton have made. It is hard to believe that they literally were trying to attack each other instantly if even near one another over a month ago.

  • Carley S.
  • VMD, DACVIM Cardiology