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Common Troubleshooting Issues

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Account Login

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Cancel Membership

To cancel your membership access please go to your account page or click the button below and select CANCEL. If you cancel in the middle of the Month then you will still have access to the membership section until the date it was set to renew.

Update Payment Method

If your payment method has expired or you simply want to use a different one:

  • Sign in your account page – click here
  • Click on “Subscriptions”
  • Click on “Update” located to the right
  • Enter new card info and select submit
  • All done!

If you live in certain regions

Credit Card companies or PayPal may block your ability to join depending on what part of the world you are from. We have had members work around this by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Video is choppy or low quality

All of the member videos are hosted on Vimeo and are HD or 4k quality. If they play poorly on your computer you can select the “Gear” symbol on the bottom right of the video player and lower the picture quality for better performance. Or you could be having issues with your bandwidth provider so please test your internet speed. You will need a good, high bandwidth connection to watch my videos on the 4k setting.

No audio on videos or audio is too loud

On the bottom right of the video player next to the “Gear” symbol you can adjust the volume of the video from there. If the volume level is at its highest and you still can not hear the audio, it is more likely a problem on your computer. Be sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is up. Be sure your mute button isn’t on. If that doesn’t work, please try a different browser and restart your computer.

Support Contact Form

If none of the troubleshooting tips above helped resolve your issue then give us as much detail as you can about the problem you are having.

Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.