Protecting the German Shepherd From Association with the Nazi Past – episode 121

The German Shepherd is a noble, intelligent and intelligent dog. Sadly they have been maligned on different occasions, namely during thee Second World War when Nazi forces used them to commit harmful and sometimes deadly acts on Jews in Concentration Camps. How does this apply to this video? READ ON!

The SV (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde) is an organization that is designed to advocate for and protect the breed. The SV is a fantastic organization that has done so much for the breed. However, recently they have invited a politician who is at the center of some controversy to be a guest at their big show, the Bundessiegerzuchtschau. Hubert Aiwanger is currently the Deputy Minister President of Bavaria and the Bavarian Minister of Economic affairs, Regional Development and Energy. He is both the faction leader of the Federal Association of Free Voters as well as the Bavarian State Association of Free and Independent Voters. In the last few weeks some controversy surfaced linking him to antisemitic materials that he possessed as a young man.

Since this show is purely about the benefit of the dog, I will explain in the podcast that any association that the German Shepherd has to someone possibly linked to extremism can cause a backlash onto the dog. For that reason I ask you to respectfully contact the SV at the email below and ask them to kindly remove Hubert Aiwanger from their event this weekend September 7-10th. I ask you to do this kindly, respectfully, but with intent. This is important for anyone who loves the German Shepherd!

link to the SV:
email the SV:

Thank you to everyone who cares enough to take the time to take action and speak on behalf of the dogs! Our dogs should never be associated to something that they had no control over and would slight them. They should be loved and protected!

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