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Is your DOG walking you?

People make simple mistakes that prevent dogs from walking on a loose leash. Fixing it is often a matter of clear communication that can make walking your dog the most enjoyable part of your day!


Aggression ISSUES?

Is your dog aggressive? Reactive? Fearful? Learn how to know spot the difference between the two. Understanding what is causing the behavior is at the root of solving it.

Refusing to COME back?

Teaching your dog a solid RECALL or COME is one of the MOST important things you’ll ever do. I have numerous lessons on simple successful skills that will teach you this skill.



Puppies can be the best thing in the world, or they can be extremely frustrating, the difference is in understanding the situation and knowing how to deal with it.  My puppy lessons will give you all the insight and guidance you need.

Jumping on GUESTS?

The common answer of “just knee them in the chest” is not great advice and can do lasting damage to your dog. Learn the skills to teach your dog what is acceptable and what is not.


When dogs do naughty things we are often perplexed as to what to do. How do you correct a dog for things you didn’t see him do? How do you prevent mistakes before they occur? Building a structured lifestyle for your dog will give you peace of mind!

Great News! You're in the RIGHT PLACE!

I Cover ALL of These Issues Plus LOTS MORE!


Thousands Have Already Transformed Their Relationship with Their Dogs...

Each of my Member Only Lessons include tips and tricks as well as guidance that isn’t found anywhere else.  

My goal is to make your relationship with your dog more than you ever imagined. Fun, fair, exciting and balanced. Your dog will love you for giving him the chance at a happy life with you!

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Basic Through Advanced Obedience

Great for those who want to…

Advanced Lessons Cover...

Discover so many lessons detailing advanced techniques. My Member Only videos are much longer than the free ones on my YouTube channel (usually at least twice as long or more). You’ll be able to see the whole process start to finish without shortened YouTube edits and no advertising on member videos.

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Reward Based
Balanced Dog Training

Any dog, any breed, any temperament can succeed with my training system.

Build a

Training your dog is not all about SIT, COME and STAY. It's about building a relationship that transcends just living together, it's about an amazing bond that lasts.

No Experience

Even if you've never trained a dog before, my training will take you from step one to anyplace you'd like to go and set you on a path to success. Simple steps to help you and your dog get off on the right foot... or paw!

Gain Confidence
Overcome Challenges

Undoubtedly, you'll have challenges with your dog. My training system will minimize those by keeping training fun and motivational for both you and your dog. Fun training games and lessons that your dog will enjoy!


Learn to communicate with your dog in a way that he or she understands. This means understanding how your dog thinks and approaching the training from that perspective. Fair and balanced!

& Structure

Giving your dog structure and love means setting up boundaries that both of you will abide by. These boundaries make the dog safe and happy and ensure a safe, complete life for your best friend!

Proven System
Get Results Quickly

You'll start to see results from your very first interaction using my system. This is because I train people to better understand dogs. Instead of making training hard on you and your dog, you'll enjoy the process!

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Lesson categories designed for you to succeed.

With over 140 lessons immediately available for new members, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Intro categories combine Robert’s most important lessons for beginners and new members. We promise these courses will help you become a better trainer.

Ask Me Anything
Members Only

All members have the ability to submit any training related question to be answered. I answer every question in video format that's uploaded twice a week in the members only section.

Access my archive of member AMA videos and hear hundreds of answered questions about behavior issues, guidance on specific situations, etc. Have the knowledge to fix issues before you face them.

Join The Lesson
Video Series

Members get special access to my full length Join The Lesson video series. These lessons feature me working with crazy puppies, dogs with leash issues, untrained dogs, reactive dogs, etc.

These videos are great for people who don't have much experience in dealing with certain types of behaviors and want to see how I deal with these situations.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Neil G.
Neil G.
Companion for life!
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Robert’s teaching and presentation style makes retention and transfer easy and as a college professor I assure you, those two factors are the most critical in order for learning and application to occur.

Thank you Robert Cabral, well done sir!!!
Lily C.
Lily C.
We scored First Place!
Read More
I wanted to say thank you for all the lessons, I have been a member since January and used all your techniques to train my Mal mix Emma and my other dogs as well as the shelter dogs I work with.
We scored First Place in all 4 trials we participated, and a High in Trial and our Rally 1 title!
Barbara L.
Barbara L.
Patience and Perseverance
Read More
I have an 11 month old German Shepherd who I have been training with your methods since I got him at 10 weeks old. I listen to your "ask me anything" these days and hear all the questions I have asked you over the months. It is a beautiful and rewarding thing to have a dog who is attentive and eager to do what I ask of him. You are making the world a better place for dogs and owners.
Cathy D.
Cathy D.
I literally just want to cry!
Read More
I literally just want to cry. I have a beautiful 11 week old rottweiler. Feeling the deep responsibility of owning a large breed dog that has a reputation for aggression. I found your video's and just teared up. It all makes so much sense. I wish I would have found them before. I am looking forward to applying your training techniques.
Thank you!
John M.
John M.
Invaluable Lessons
Read More
Robert, I owe you so much! I watched all of your free videos for over 6 months to prepare myself before getting a new puppy. Your videos are very valuable to me. My dog's obedience and my relationship with him are amazing thanks to you and your methods. Our local dog training center uses compulsion dog training only. I took my now 1.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog there just for practice in socialization and training with distractions, however I used only your methods. He has taken 1st place in both his Obedience 1 & 2 classes thanks to your methods.
Bernadette C.
Bernadette C.
Thank you for all the lessons!
Read More
I'm thrilled with the results of using your tips to get my Yorkie to respect me and follow directions. He is happier, and so am I! I love your training style, and it quickly corrected my boy’s impulsive behavior. I have already recommended you to other Yorkie parents, who find their adorable bundles of joy can sometimes be little terrors. I’ll continue to do that, and I’ll continue to follow you as I am so impressed with you and your way with dogs. Thank you for helping me teach my boy to be a good dog.

About Robert Cabral

Robert is a canine behavior specialist whose work has helped dogs all over the world. His theories & techniques are used by animal shelters throughout the US in dealing with difficult dogs and helping to make them more adoptable. These techniques are responsible for saving the lives of countless thousands of dogs. He has trained, handled and evaluated thousands of dogs through his work with Bound Angels, helping shelters save countless dogs throughout the USA.

Robert has titled, trained and competed in various dog sports including: IPO, Mondio Ring and AKC Obedience. Because of his understanding and compassion for dogs, he is considered one of the top dog trainers anywhere. He is a problem solver for even the most complex canine behavior issues.

Bound Angels

Helping Animal Shelters Save More Lives

For over 12 years, Robert’s work with Bound Angels taught animal shelter employees, management and volunteers to better understand the behavior of dogs.  Having reached hundreds of people and thousands of dogs, this program saved countless lives!

In 2022 Robert made the same program that he taught in animal shelters available online via the ShelterDogTraining Program.