The Best Protection, Military and Police Dogs – Episode 106

Talking about some of the strongest and toughest dogs in the world, these dogs are man stoppers. Dogs that are bred tough, train tough and help police and military do their jobs. Who trains these dogs? What does it take to be one of these elite dogs? I s it down for another great conversation with Steve “Zane” Stoops and talk about it. From the top personal protection dogs to the toughest most elite military dogs, Stoops’ experience is unmatched.

We talk about how sport training like Schutzhund / IPO / IGP / Ring Sport / KNPV and more affect how these dogs are raised and turn out. The sociability factor in these dogs and the safety vs. liability of sport dogs in general.

This is a great chat for anyone who loves working dogs, who works with these dogs and anyone who wants to learn more.

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