Aggressive Malinois x Dutchie Training

Janet and I were at the park a few days back and we happened upon Eric taking Roxy out of the car. She lost her cool when she saw our dogs. Eric being a gentleman, offered to put her back. I insisted that he should take his dog for a walk, and I would put our dogs away for a little while. Janet thought it would be a great idea to help him out, so she asked him if he was up for it, he agreed – what you see in the lesson is pretty much minute by minute what happened.

He was in a rush and I thought it would be great to limit the actual lesson to the amount of time and exposure the average dog (like this ) should be trained and exposed to the stimulus.

There’s little for me to write about here, since what you see in the video is exactly what happened that day. I didn’t edit anything out. I

I’ve had similar experiences with countless dogs in animal shelters, and being limited in my tools when working with municipal shelters, I was happy to try this session with only a slip lead.


Keywords for this lesson: aggression, aggressive dog, malinois, dutch shepherd, dangerous dog, reactive dog, obedience, corrections, correcting your dog, prong collar

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