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Participate in Community Discussions with fellow members of the site. We encourage all members to participate in conversations within the groups below.

Feel free to start discussions, ask general questions for other members to reply to, share stories, share progress you’ve made in your dog training journey, etc…

Please understand Groups are meant for members to talk amongst themselves and are not meant to submit questions to Robert about these topics. Questions directed to Robert should always be submitted through the Ask Me Anything member form.

Before participating in the Community Discussions – please edit your Profile Page and make sure you set a Nickname and Username. For some Members, this has defaulted to their email address. Obviously you don’t want that.

Nicknames can be what ever you want, even your First Name if desired. Usernames are meant for @ member messaging features. Which of course can be turned off within your privacy settings.

You can only participate in Groups as long as you are a current member. If you close your membership, you will still have your profile saved if you decide to become a member again.

Your feedback is the single most important thing we need to make the Groups section viable. We want it to be a great place for healthy and meaningful discussions to take place. Members should have the ability to decide on what other Groups to add as long as they make sense and there is enough interest in creating said Group. We do not what 30 groups of low engagement.

Perhaps we can run polls for members to vote on.

So help us out and email some feedback – [email protected]

-Alin (Developer and Member Support)

We are all paying members so let’s respect each other.

  • Keep Politics out of discussions – Let’s focus on our dogs.
  • No verbal harassment towards other members.
  • No posting inappropriate pictures – keep it clean.
  • No putting down other members because of their lack of experience – be helpful not a jerk.

Use the REPORT button to report inappropriate comments, discussions and replies. Email [email protected] if you need to get my attention on something.

-Alin (Developer and Member Support)

How it works

Groups have two main features built in.

(1) Feed – Think of this area as a General Chat for the specific Group. The FEED is made for making small talk with other members in the group, saying “Hi”, introducing yourself and your dog(s) with a picture, sharing a quick web or video link, etc.

(2) Discussions – Think of this area as a website Forum. Use this feature to ask Members their help or opinion on a specific topic, question you might have, etc… (pertaining to the Group that you are in).

Join a Discussion and help other members with their questions.
Just wanted to bring more awareness to the discussion tab in the groups. With these you can start a forum post for other members to talk about something specific. Jump in and interact! -Alin

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