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Online Dog Trainer Course

  • A course that is designed for anyone interested in becoming a dog trainer or improving their skills as a dog trainer.
  • Filmed on location with shelter dogs, the course is filled with 150+ videos, 25+ hours. Certificate issued upon completion.

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Dog Trainer // Shelter Dog Training Course FAQ can be found here



Both Memberships auto renew so you don’t lose member access.

Yearly Membership will auto renew at the monthly price after the year has expired. You can turn this off in your account at time. We did this so you don’t have a surprise $129 bill next year you might have no planned for.

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You will get instant access to all member lessons, courses and community features right away after signing up. Instant access to all member content.

Yes, please read below.

We offer a refund if it is within the first 3 days of becoming a member and you have not activated more than 3 member lessons on your account.

Due to the nature of a membership site, you get instant access to all the member content on the site so we do not want people abusing the system and gaining access to the knowledge Robert has worked hard to provide his members.


You can upgrade a monthly plan to a yearly plan at any point without any fees.

If you change to the yearly plan in the middle of the month, you will receive a prorated discount when purchasing the Yearly Membership.


The only difference is Yearly Members save $50 through the course of a year’s worth of monthly membership cost.

Both memberships get instant access to all lessons, courses and member features.

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No – the payment method you used will not be seen nor stored on the gift recipients account.

My YouTube channel has become one of the top resources for dog lovers worldwide to gain more knowledge on online dog training, canine behavior, health, fitness and more. With close to 1,000 videos and growing, people wanted a more personal experience and more detailed lessons. Because of that, I opened my membership section!

In my private members only section you will get more detailed instruction and personalized attention from me. Each lesson is complete with descriptions of what I’m doing and what you need to look for, including a downloadable PDF of the lesson as well as quick “take away tips.” This will give you a better grasp to learn and deeper understanding of what is going on.



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