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The Bound Angels Shelter Dog Training Program – NOW ONLINE!

Real Dogs Issues Consequences Solutions


Every dog you see in this course was living in the shelter with no previous training. This is the first time these dogs had the chance to experience training. You’ll see the amazing results and how we achieved it with fair, balanced training, using the most basic of tools.

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Who is This Course For?

This course covers nearly every aspect of dog training, behavior and engagement using shelter dogs trained in an animal shelter. Anyone training or handling dogs will benefit greatly from this real world, common sense, practical, hands-on knowledge.

60+ Classroom
Lecture Videos

Over 12 hours of classroom lectures containing theory, training outlines, breed behaviors & characteristics, how to’s, Q&A, safety, practical knowledge and more.

80+ Dog Training
Demo Videos

More than 13 hours of hands-on dog training demos, narrated videos showing dog training from basic – advanced behavior. Problem solving, dog to dog interactions, engagement, playgroups & more.

76 Page
Manual & Tests

The complete downloadable PDF manual of the entire course. Plus quizzes in each section to test your knowledge as you go along. The course allows you to work at your own pace, as slowly or as quickly as you like.

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Classroom Theory Lectures

Hands on Training Demo & Breakdown


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Most frequent questions and answers

This course is designed specifically for those who work as dog trainers, wish to become dog trainers, especially those who work with shelter / rescue dogs and those looking at learning more about canine behavior as it relates to dog training.  The material in this course has never been seen before and contains more than 10 years of content of Robert’s work in animal shelters.

No, the course is open to anyone who loves dogs and wants to be a better dog handler, trainer or advocate.  However, if you work in a shelter or with shelter dogs you’ll benefit greatly.

The course contains about 24 hours of materials.  This includes video lessons, reading materials and tests.  You can do the course at your pace, redo sections or the entire course if you like.  The key thing is to take your time, absorb the materials and don’t rush!

No, because we’re training dogs in a shelter environment, we see numerous different breeds, drives and temperaments. You ‘ll learn the skills to understand and work with a wide variety of dogs and behaviors.

Although we address the use of many different tools, the entire course is held using only slip leads on the dogs, no collars during playgroups and a few specific tools to manage the playgroups.  The course does not cover the application of Ecollars or prong collars.  If you’re interested in learning about these tools, please visit:

You do not need to have a dog to complete the course.  I recommend that you take the course and complete it before going out and applying what you’ve learned on a dog.  There are lots of video lessons, lectures, reading materials and lessons to absorb that will help you better understand the dynamics of dealing with shelter dogs.

Yes, we do.  Please use the contact form below and include your information and how many people you would like to enroll.  We’re happy to help you save more dogs!

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Louis Dedeaux - R.I.P.

Louis was like a brother to me, a confidant, mentor and a best friend. We often joked that we knew each other since God invented dogs. We laughed so much, oftentimes to try and overshadow the pain that we felt for these poor dogs that we tried to save. We cared for all of them…  ALL of them. There were some that were more special than others, some that tugged our heartstrings as you’ll see, but all got some love.

Louis had a gruff exterior, but inside he was a softy. He knew more about dogs than anyone I’d ever met, particularly the most complicated shelter behaviors. He could read a dog within the blink of an eye and he was never wrong. I learned more from him than any book, video or seminar.  

Lou was my brother, my mentor and my friend. I’m forever indebted to him for his teaching, friendship and support. I miss him and am reminded of how much I miss him whenever I see a shelter dog. Even though Lou isn’t with me in person, his spirit stays with me whenever I work with dogs!  

Godspeed my brother… till we meet again at that great big shelter in the sky!

The Students of Bound Angels

This course was taken from the Bound Angels University Program. The students who participated in Bound Angels University made it amazing, and I am forever indebted to them for their passion to save more shelter dogs. You’ll see some of them in the video lessons contained in this course. These students came from all over the US and came with an empty cup. Some were already proficient handlers, others were green. They all brought their hearts to the course and each and every one made this course better. They were humble when it came time to learn and left with knowledge that they then gave freely to help save dogs in their shelters, rescues, humane societies and everywhere.  

These men and women took their sweat and tears and converted it into a passion to employ life-saving techniques to change the picture for an animal that had NO-ONE else. Suddenly these dogs had a friend, an advocate and a trainer! Where others gave up, these students stepped up! They made the choice to bring structure and love to a throw away dog and I am forever indebted to each and every one of them for taking my dream, and making it a reality! I am a better person because of the students of Bound Angels University!

Thank you to all of you!

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