In last weeks lesson, we dove into Bear’s behavioral issues of fear aggression.  I watched and evaluated him and started to put some steps into place to help the healing begin.  Living in a wold like this is very hard, emotionally and physically on both dog and owner.

The most common problems are:

  1. If the dog is improperly evaluated as “aggressive,” the training remedy will not be effective.
  2. If positive ONLY approach is used, it can often reinforce the exact behavior you’re trying to negate.

I talk a little about both of these issues in the intro to this video lesson.  The evaluation and proper approach are imperative if the dog will ever heal.

This weeks lesson really. delves into explaining the behavior, the signs / body-language to look for and the meaning behind what I’m doing.  You’ll be able to see the end of the session in today’s lesson.  Remember, this lesson, as well as many I post, are not meant to necessarily show you the problem solved, rather to show you the process to take to solving the problem.  The “join the lesson” lessons are real people, just like you that I work with on real problems.  If the problem were that easy to solve, it wouldn’t be a problem.  Dog training and behavior is really about understanding, patience and time.  More success than failure!

You will not solve the problem in a session, you will start the process today!

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