A friend and client of mine called me the other day and asked for some input to help his female German Shepherd learn not to rush up to guests.  I told him to teach her the PLACE command.

I looked online and noticed that although I had taught it in pieces in various lessons, I never dedicated a whole lesson to this important skill. So I promised him I would do a complete and updated lesson.

In this weeks lesson I’ll show you all the basics to getting your dog to understand the skill.  If your dog doesn’t work for food, you can simply use spacial pressure to get your dog to the bed and then use praise as a reward.

Next week I’ll post the second part to this with 2 dogs, Maya will join the lesson.  The reason I didn’t want to add it to this weeks lesson is because this is not an easy skill and I feel that people jump ahead because of the amount of content here.

Please go slow and be fair to your dog.  This lesson is easy to teach, but will take a long time to master (especially when we add distractions).

Being on the PLACE is the Happy Time! Nothing else matters!

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Lesson Includes

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