Building a solid and reliable RECALL or COME command takes a basic understanding of how a dog thinks.  You must make the act either very pleasurable or the avoidance of the command quite un-pleasurable.  Now, that might sound a bit harsh, but your dog’s desires are trigged by some basic things…  Pleasure and pain, actually just like all of us.  Pain doesn’t necessarily need to be physical, it can be withholding of a treat, affection or other things.  BUT, remember, if your dog doesn’t listen to you when you call him and he runs into the street and gets hit by a car, THAT will be serious physical and emotional pain for both of you.

I make the act of coming / recall very pleasurable and exciting in my dog’s eyes.  I also make his blowing me off, or choosing not to obey, un-pleasurable.  It is the rare case I have to physically correct a dog it sends a message and that message usually lasts for most of the dog’s life.

The RECALL is the single MOST important thing you will teach your dog!

In this video lesson I address the basics to a motivational recall.  How to do it, understanding what makes it work and showing the basic corrections.  I’d like to state, that, as you will hear, Nancy had a VERY scary incident a few days before our lesson.  She almost lost OZZY when he WOULDN’T listen to her.  I hope this lesson will help Nancy and help many of you.

By the end of this session Ozzy was very motivated and inspired to COME when Nancy called – with continued training, I think Ozzy will do well.  This was a very inspiring and exciting lesson.

NEVER Miss the Opportunity to REWARD Your Dog!

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