Obedience Basics with Karl the Rottweiler Day 2

I hope you enjoyed day one with Karl and Jerome. During that session we really focussed on building engagement, as I feel that is the most important thing to do when starting with a new dog – especially an older, more mature dog.

This is Karl’s second session and you can see the wheels are turning. Karl is a biddable dog that really likes to train, and really loves Jerome. That always makes training easier. So, since we covered a lot in session #1, here we will start to build on some finer points such as COME, STAY, DOWN and more. These lessons are full length so you can see how to develop these same training sessions with your dog.

Just because Karl is a Rottweiler doesn’t mean that you need to have a Rottweiler to do these lessons. I try to show my obedience on many different breeds, and that lets you choose which dog is most like the dog you are training.

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