This lesson with Claudine and Lucy was a referral because Lucy had shown some reactivity to other dogs and people. I am posting the entire lesson because there’s a lot to be learned from it.

On the surface you’ll note that Lucy NEVER appeared “reactive” or “aggressive.” But the bigger lesson that must be taken away from here is the dynamics that CAN trigger this type of behavior in a dog. You’ll see that Claudine has done a great job in training Lucy in some basic obedience (as well as agility). But her dynamic with Lucy is a bit “over-concerned” and that leads her to be suspicious. Suspicion makes dogs nervous. And that is exactly what will trigger aggression or reactivity.

I think this is a very valuable lesson for anyone beginner through advanced to learn from. Watch Claudine’s body language, watch Lucy’s body language… watch the dynamics that unfold and watch how proper corrections and communication help Lucy and Claudine from a cohesive bond and clear communication.

This is a long lesson because I wanted to leave EVERYTHING in it so that you can really get a good picture of what triggers dogs, how we often set the dog up to do something that they never planned to do, and most importantly – how to properly correct and communicate with our dogs! ENJOY!

Tight Leashes & Poor Timing
Are one of the BIGGEST Causes of Aggression

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