What is Structure

Structure is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in dog training.

It is also, the most overlooked aspect.  People let their dogs get away with little things, and before they know it, their dog is making bigger and bigger mistakes.  This can happen in an average pet dog as well as a competitive dog.  The commonality in top dog handlers and trainers is they pay attention to the details, and the details are all about structure.

This lesson is all about STRUCTURE.  What is structure?  What do I mean when I refer to structure (and I do refer to it all the time) and how can you apply it to your dog?.  This is a video lesson every single dog owner should listen to, embrace and live with their dog – whether their dog is having issues or not.  Structure is fair, it’s not complicated and it will prevent problems as well as solve them.

If you do NOTHING else for you dog, give them structure!

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