Home Prepared Meals for Dogs – Beef Tripe

Home Prepared Beef Recipe for Dogs

I love to feed natural, home prepared meals for my dogs, with natural ingredients.  I’m sharing today’s breakfast recipe here.  Be aware that there are many ingredients that are good for dog and a few that aren’t.  I urge you to research what the best foods are and also check to see what agrees best with your dog’s stomach.  Even though an ingredient might be good doesn’t necessarily mean that it will agree with him.

Raw Beef tripe
Raw Lamb
*Sweet potato
**Yellow squash
Flax seed oil
Vitamin supplement
Turmeric  1/4 teaspoon

* The sweet potato (or Yam as they are called some places) are cooked.
** Celery, Kale, Squash and most any veggies I feed are organic and raw.  I chop them up in a food processor to blend easily with the meats.

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A good vitamin supplement is important when feeding raw or home cooked meals.  It will aid in giving your dog needed nutrients that might not be 100% present in the foods you are preparing. Some people might argue that these supplements are not present in foods in nature, but we must remember that dogs that live as domesticated pets have a better chance at a longer life because we add extra supplements.  It’s the care we take through providing nutritious, home prepared meals for dogs that makes a world of difference!

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