There are three basic positions that we expect dogs to know.  They are STAND, SIT AND DOWN.  Most people don’t teach the STAND, but in dog sports it is required for a dog to know a STAND.

How you teach your dog these positions is very important.  For example teaching your dog to SIT and then DOWN can cause problems with creeping forward.  Not teaching your dog a clean “tuck” SIT can lead to sloppy form.

I’ve taught many of these positions in other videos, but in this video I address moving through these positions as well as the benefits to using a platform to teach your dog.  In this video I use a K9 KLIMB (you can find a link below to buy one).  However, you can do almost as good by using a bench or a picnic table.

In the second half of the online dog training video I introduce Maya to the platform and you’ll see some of the mistakes that you will run up against when you try to teach this to your dog.  Goofy is perfect and requires very minimal guidance and corrections, Maya on the other hand will show you how to guide and correct your dog.  I left this in as it will help guide you to properly teach your dog this lesson.

Changing your position makes a world of difference to what your dog knows!

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