I’ll start out by saying this is a monster online dog training lesson, over 35 minutes long…

The directed retrieve is a part of formal obedience training in the AKC obedience Utility exercises, and is also used in other sports.  For example, teaching your dog to “follow a line” is a good skill in many sports and the directed retrieve can be a foundation to teaching this.

In the directed retrieve what you are trying to do is “set the line” for your dog to follow.  Basically, you point the dog in a direction and the dog will run in that direction.  In the retrieve portion there is an object that the dog will retrieve, but there are also other objects that he could pick up.  The dog MUST go  to the object that you point him to.  He MUST pick up only that object and bring it back to you.

This lesson is a very in-depth one and will delve into the basics through the advanced levels of the skill for both you and your dog.  You will see the basics as well as the finished product.  The lesson actually starts out with a beautiful demo of Goofy doing a 4 point directed retrieve.  I’ve left everything in the lesson including the mistakes which your dog is bound to make.

If you ask yourself what good is this skill, the answer is “every skill that you teach your dog heightens your bond with your dog and teaches your dog to learn.”  Teaching a dog to learn is something I strive to do forever with my dogs.  It’s fun, it benefits both you and your dog an it’s fun!

I  really think you’ll enjoy this lesson!

The more connected your dog is with you, the better he will follow your position!

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