E-Collar – Getting Started

People have asked for my e-collar online dog training more than any other request. I’ve waited for good reason. I want my students to have a good understanding of dogs and dog training before using an e-collar. The e-collar is a great tool when used properly, but it is a disaster when used incorrectly.

Over the last 10+ years I’ve used the e-collar effectively in various training methodologies including:

  • Competitive Obedience
  • Counter Conditioning Aggression
  • Avoidance Training (rattlesnake avoidance)
  • Protection Training
  • Pet Dog Training

The e-collar is also called the SHOCK COLLAR, REMOTE COLLAR, ELECTRONIC COLLAR and a host of other names. They are hated by many and misunderstood by most.

This intro lesson to e-collars is one of the longest lessons I’ve ever posted because I wanted to include as much information as possible to hopefully avoid confusion with the tool. There are many modifications I do to my collars and I share all of my secrets here. Nothing held back in the first lesson. I also give my recommendation on which collars I use, which I prefer and why.

This one lesson is worth more than the price of a yearly membership. I will be adding more lessons on using the e-collar effectively and humanely to enhance your relationship with your dog and keep him or her safe.

This lesson should take at least a week or two to digest. Please use the links below if you want to get the same collars I’m recommending. Also, see below for the gear you need to modify your collar.

BTW – you can use your own e-collar and follow my system. I only suggest that you understand the collar thoroughly.

Used Properly, the E-collar is the best tool to train your dog.

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Lesson Includes

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