In last weeks lesson you met LJ a super cool Schnauzer whose mom and dad brought him over for an evaluation session with me.  In that lesson you saw some work on engagement.

In this week’s online dog training lesson we’ll deal with a little issue that LJ has, and that is manners when first meeting another dog.  One of the biggest dangers that people face with their dogs is meeting other dogs.  And, even though a dog might “be friendly,” if they come across like this, the other dog may start a fight.  We want to set this straight right away.

Leash reactivity or aggression is a very common issue and one that is relatively simple to handle… IF you know what to look for.  In this lesson I address the issue with John and Kandice and LJ’s demeanor changed dramatically – almost like magic.  This isn’t complicated, but it does take understanding the situation from the dog’s point of view.  This lesson addresses exactly what you need to look for.

Although I’ve addressed this in a couple of other lessons, its always good to see it again and again and with different people and dogs.  The information contained in this lesson is critical to understand, not only to correct the issue, but also to prevent the issue from happening the first place.

Give Your Dog the Information He or She Needs to Make Good Decisions!

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