I was asked by a member about teaching obedience to your dog from a distance. NOW, it’s hard enough to get your dog to obey you when he’s next to you, getting them to do that when you’re far away is even harder.

This really is an advanced lesson and I hope you won’t attempt this unless you’re ready. PLEASE, stay at your level, watch this lesson and if you’re not ready, come back when you are. It’s critical that you use this membership section to help your dog learn, not overwhelm them.

See: online dog training

Like I said, there is probably at least 1-2 years worth of lessons here in the members section. Take your time, this site is not going anywhere. I want to keep adding stuff to offer you more lessons as you’re ready! This lesson will be broken into two parts. This first part is really showing you what it should look like and the advanced portion. Next week I will upload part 2 with Maya which will teach you how to introduce your dog to the box and also how to make your own PVC box. I think this is one of the best tools for training dogs.

Don’t attempt this with a Beginner Dog!

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