Training at the Shelter

Everyone always talks about the difficulty teaching dogs. Well, some of the toughest dogs to teach are at the shelter, and this week I’m bringing the shelter to you.

I always say the 3 Most Important Things to teach every dog are:

  1. Leave it
  2. Recall
  3. STAY

LEAVE IT can save a dog’s life.

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I teach the leave it differently than I’ve seen many other trainers teach it and there is a reason.  I believe that if you say LEAVE IT, it should mean LEAVE IT! Other trainer will eventually let the dog have the LEAVE IT and that makes no sense to me or to the dog.

I use large pieces of treat to clearly show the dog that there is something there.  I think this will be a very valuable lesson for you and your dog. I’m also including footage of the students doing the same command so you can see some common mistakes.


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