The FIRST Things to Teach Your Dog

Undoubtedly the most popular question I get from new dog owner is “What do I do or teach first?” Although I thought I mentioned this many times, it seems it’s still unclear, so I want this lesson to be for those members who just got a new dog or puppy and are wondering what to do. Those of you who are well underway can use this as a refresher or tell a friend to join so that they can have this valuable information.

First Things First

The very most important thing to consider is not to put too much pressure on your dog right at the beginning. This can destroy your relationship with your dog or overwhelm a new puppy. That’s why I give my new dog(s) a break. I set up a crate or two in the house and make sure they know their place. YES, a crate is that important. You want your new dog to understand that he can look at and enjoy people and things without direct engagement. This will come into play significantly during his development. The problem that people make is often giving their dogs way too much freedom early on…

Wire Crates are best to teach a dog structure and environmental conditioning in a new home.

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