The Look Command – The Light Switch Game

I think getting your dog or puppy to look at you, and I mean really LOOK at you, is one of the most important things you will ever do with your dog. My dogs ALL look at me and they do so for the right reason – because they love me. In this lesson I want to teach you how to do this with your dog.

Step 1

Get your dog to sit or stand in front of you and have some treats in your hands. Make a slight noise with your mouth and when your dog glances at your face, mark that behavior with a YES and give him a treat from either hand. Remember, you have treats in both hands, you’ll have to switch which hand gives the treats. If you always give treats from one hand, your dog will learn to look only at that hand.

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One fun thing I like to do is dispensed treats from my mouth. In order to do that, I bite off a few pieces of hot dog or string cheese and put them in my mouth. When my dog looks at me, I spit a piece of treat and aim for his nose. It takes a dog a little bit of time to understand this and grasp the concept, but once they do they catch the treat from your mouth. I can honestly say that once a dog learns this game with you, they will never take their eyes off you.

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