Home Prepared Beef Recipe for Dogs

Home Prepared Meals for Dogs – Beef Tripe

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I love to feed natural, home prepared meals for my dogs, with natural ingredients.  I’m sharing today’s breakfast recipe here.  Be aware that there are many ingredients that are good for dog and a few that aren’t.  I urge you to research what the best foods are and also check to see what agrees best with your dog’s stomach.  Even though an ingredient …

Dog Treadmill DogTrotter

DogTrotter Dog Treadmill

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DogTrotter Dog Treadmill I own a DogTrotter  and I will say its one of my very favorite things.  It’s beautifully made and works great.  My dogs love it and I know they are safe and getting in great shape.  It’s more than a machine, it’s a work of art. Each DogTrotter is hand made to order.  They are all made …

Taking Treats Gently

Training a Dog to Use a Soft Mouth

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One common problem that people get annoyed with is when dogs nip at their hands trying to get treats.  The most commonly perceived solution to this is to pull your hand away from the dog and say NO.  Then upon trying again, the dog repeats the same behavior.  It becomes frustrating for both you and your dog as the dog tries …

Dog Aggression

Corrections in Dog Training

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Correct Them or Kill Them I’ve been a pretty outspoken advocate for shelter dogs, and all dogs in general for the last several years.  I’ve also spent most of my time training and competing with dogs.  To be clear, I deal with all types of dogs, not just the ones I choose, but also the ones that are chosen for …

Puppy Training Engagement

Puppy Training Rules of 9

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Puppy Training Puppies are in their developmental foundation stage and depending on what they experience, and how they experience it, this will create the dog they become. Most idiosyncrasies that dogs have can be often be traced back to things that happened as puppies, in particular fear and aggression. If a puppy has a bad experience and nothing is done …