Touch Command

Teaching the TOUCH CommandThe TOUCH COMMAND is one of the most useful things to teach your dog for several reasons.  Let me start by saying, it gives your dog a job to do, which is always critical.  We spend way …Read More

Puppy Training Basics with Hansen

Puppy Basic Training Recall and EngagementPuppies, Puppies, Puppies…  One of our greatest joys, yet the cause for much frustration.
Sometimes it’s because we expect too much and sometimes it’s because we’re just not clear enough communicating what we want.
This week, tag …Read More

Directed Retrieve

Directed RetrieveI’ll start out by saying this is a monster lesson, over 35 minutes long…
The directed retrieve is a part of formal obedience training in the AKC obedience Utility exercises, and is also used in other sports.  For example, teaching …Read More