Science Based Dog Training

Science Based Dog Training – and the inherent flaws

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Every time I hear someone talking about the “science based dog training” I get a little perplexed. What these people really are saying is “positive only dog training,” since that is what they call their science. And, before I delve into that aspect, I’d like to draw a correlation between something from my past. I studied and taught traditional martial arts …

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

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I will do a short series of videos on grooming your dog including teeth brushing, toenail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing.   This post focuses on what I consider one of the most overlooked aspects of dog grooming, brushing your dog’s teeth. Dog suffer from tooth and gum disorders more than humans because of two factors, Their diet The lack …

Choosing a Collar for Your Dog

Choosing a Collar for Your Dog

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The fist and probably most important decision you have to consider when getting a dog is “What Collar Will I Use?” With so much information out there, it can be a daunting task. People will give you so much confusing information and you could make a bad choice.   To start with, I avoid using contraptions that are not collars …

piddling is not peeing

Piddling is not Peeing

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Piddlers are dogs that leak a small (sometimes a large amount) when excited. This behavior should not be mistaken with dogs that mark intentionally or are peeing. There are generally two reasons why dogs piddle, one is due to a physical condition such as bladder problems, but more commonly the issue is behavioral. It is often seen in highly excitable …

Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

Natural Flea and Tick Solutions

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With all of the natural flea and tick solutions and products available I am stunned that people still buy poison to put on their dogs. Think about a product that you squirt on your dog’s skin (less than an ounce) and it’s so powerful that it repels fleas over your dog’s entire coat for a month. Let’s think about what …

The Danger in Suppressing a Dog's Drives

The Danger in Suppressing a Dog’s Drives

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The information contained in this article may be a bit advanced for some readers, but it is extremely important if you are dealing with a dog with difficult behaviors and are looking to hire a trainer to work with your dog or you are working with the dog yourself.  Suppressing the drives of a dog may seem like the answer on …


Lovetuner for People and Dogs

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As some of you may know, I studied martial arts and eastern philosophy most of my life.  I taught traditional martial arts / Budo here in Los Angeles as well as in Switzerland for about ten years in the 1990’s.  Meditation has been part of my daily routine for most of my life.  I accredit my success in life as well …

Dog Training - Even a Monkey Can Do It

Dog Training – Even a Monkey Can Do It

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One of the greatest obstacles facing humans when it comes to training or communicating with dogs is not skill, rather patience. People think that the dog should immediately understand what it is the human wants the dog to do. If the dog doesn’t get it people either think the dog is stupid or give up. People often ask me, “What …