Ear Infections in Dogs May be helped with Earwell Wiptes

Ear Infections in Dogs – Clean Your Dog’s Ears

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One of the most common issues I’ve seen in dogs is ear infections.  They can be tough to cure and expensive to treat, but not that hard to prevent. Countless dogs suffer from minor ear infections that will only get worse if not treated.  Keeping your dog’s ears clean is a super simple step that should be part of your …

Off Leash Dogs

Off Leash Dogs

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When it comes to speaking my mind, I’m not one to hold back, and when it comes to speaking out about irresponsible dog owners, I usually can’t hold my tongue. So, today was no exception. It seems that I am always confronted on the topic of off leash dogs. Since I teach canine behavior at and for animal shelters, and …


KC Canine – My Favorite Treat!

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As many of you know, I don’t work for any company and get no compensation, so when I tell you I like a product, I really like it. KC Canine is one of those companies, their treats are first rate, USA made and they come in a variety of novel proteins including elk, venison, bison and more.  If you’re treat …

Brilliant K9 Dog Harness

Brilliant K9 Dog Vest – Harness

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I see many dogs wearing vests and harnesses for one reason or another.  I don’t normally recommend harnesses for dogs who pull, but there are several other reasons that dogs should wear them including for dogs who have cervical issues and older dogs.  When asked what brand I recommend I only say Brilliant K9.  They are a top shelf company that hand …

Drives of Dogs

Drives of Dogs

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Drives of Dogs Drives are the unconscious, biological impulses that carry out important vital functions. They display in a physical manifestation of the dog’s personality and energy. How a dog sees and reacts to things, such as food, physical presence of other people or dogs, things that move, etc. all fall under the “drive” category. Although often inherent, these drives …

Happy Turkey Day – literally

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So, since it is Thanksgiving, we all celebrate with turkey. And I am joining in. After more than 13 years of not having eaten turkey (or pork, beef, chicken, etc) this year I got a turkey. I saw a friends post on facebook that she was raising turkeys for sale for Thanksgiving and I couldn’t resist. The turkeys were all …

Science Based Dog Training

Science Based Dog Training – and the inherent flaws

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Every time I hear someone talking about the “science based dog training” I get a little perplexed. What these people really are saying is “positive only dog training,” since that is what they call their science. And, before I delve into that aspect, I’d like to draw a correlation between something from my past. I studied and taught traditional martial arts …

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

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I will do a short series of videos on grooming your dog including teeth brushing, toenail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing.   This post focuses on what I consider one of the most overlooked aspects of dog grooming, brushing your dog’s teeth. Dog suffer from tooth and gum disorders more than humans because of two factors, Their diet The lack …