Socialization Before Vaccines

  • Socialization Before Vaccines

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  • Saul

    March 29, 2021 at 10:36 PM


    My puppy has all her parvo shots (3) but is still waiting on her other ones, I’m curious the what best way to socialize her would be.

    The vet recommended to not expose her to new environments before she has her shots, but I’d like her to explore and learn while she’s young without making her potentially getting sick or geting any diseases.

    Any recommendations?


  • Dez

    April 1, 2021 at 9:44 PM

    Hi Saul,

    Here is the position of the American Veterinary Society…

    The primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three
    months of life. During this time puppies
    should be exposed to as many new people,
    animals, stimuli, and environments as can be
    achieved safely and
    without causing over stimulation manifested
    as excessive fear, withdrawal, or avoidance
    behavior. For this
    reason, the American
    Veterinary Society
    of Animal Behavior
    believes that it should
    be the standard of care
    for puppies to receive
    such socialization
    before they are fully

  • Riggan

    April 2, 2021 at 6:15 AM


    I’m so glad Dez posted the statement from the AVA. I did not know they had taken that position, but I am so glad they did. More dogs end up paying with their lives due to poor socialization than from disease contracted as puppies. That said, during this period, I am extremely careful about where and how I socialize the pup. I avoid areas where there are lots of dogs that I don’t know. If someone in your area is doing puppy classes where you know all the puppies are vaccinated, that is a great option (although one likely not available to many now due to COVID). I’ll invite friends over to my house. I have a pickup truck, so I used to go sit with my pup on the tailgate in a parking lot, starting far away and gradually moving in closer, letting him get used to all the sights and sounds. People would often stop and talk, asking about him, which is great socialization. I usually didn’t let him interact with people (I’d tell them he hasn’t had his shots yet, so I can’t let you pet him right now, which seemed to satisfy most people), although I’d often make a few exceptions based on my instinct about the person. You can also take him to a playground and hold him in your lap, letting him get used to the sound of children playing. If you have known places (such as friends’ homes) that are safe and maybe even have a vaccinated dog, then trips to visit them are also possible.

    Enjoy your pup!

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