When a dog knows better

  • When a dog knows better

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  • Tommy

    June 11, 2021 at 2:43 PM

    Some years ago I was traveling up the (gudbrandals lågen) river with a small dog team, the river is fine for going fast. Suddenly my lead dog named Kyrre stopped in his tracks and started to pull in a different direction not following the old tracks from earlier trips. I had a bit of a discussion with him trying to get him to follow the old tracks. I pushed hard on him and Kyrre finally gave me the “look ” saying I will f….ing fight you 0wer this. Kyrre was of the old school sleddogs. I decided I wanted all of my body parts intact, and to fix this obedience thing another day. Kyrre made a big half circle to the right and back in to the old tracks and Kyrre,myself and the rest of the team continued the trip. On the way back Kyrre turned to follow his new half circle. That was when I understood why Kyrre had done what he did. My old tracks was gone and open water was occupying that space. If Kyrre had not stopped and not stood his ground my team and myself would have gone trug the bad is and drowned. I felt like a idiot. I was ashamed to look Kyrre in the eyes. Hi had saved my life and the life of the other dog’s and I had given him a hard time about it. I have never felt so stupid. Kyrre slept in my bed that night.

    Some times you just have to trust your dog

    Anyone who has experienced something similar

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